M Trascendental

La practica de MT mejora tu salud fisica y mental.

The Quiet Time program: improving academic



“Since I started TM, life has gotten a lot easier.
I think more clearly and I don’t rush into things.
Plus, my grades have gone up.”

– Cecilia, 7th grader like”

Transcendental Meditation, the core intervention of the Quiet Time Program, is a simple, easily learned technique, practiced by students and teachers while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. It does not involve any religion, philosophy, or change in lifestyle. Over 340 published scientific studies document its effectiveness for improving health and learning. This approach has been adopted by hundreds of public, private and charter schools worldwide—with strong support from students, parents and educators.

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Groundbreaking research on schools with a

Quiet Time program has found:

  • 10% improvement in test scores—and a narrowing of the achievement gap
  • Highly effective for increasing creativity
  • Improved teacher retention and reduced teacher burnout
  • Greater happiness, focus and self-confidence
  • Reduced ADHD symptoms and symptoms of other learning disorders
  • 86% reduction in suspensions over two years
  • 40% reduction in psychological distress, including stress,
  • anxiety and depression
  • 65% decrease in violent conflict over two years

Learn TM near you 

Málaga 1st – 4th October

Granada 5th – 8th October

Barcelona 15 – 18th  October

Transcendental Meditation @ a Detroit School is reducing stress & fighting 
Join us for this FREE seminar in Skype id: meditaconciencia on Wednesday 30th September at 8pm to find out more. Register here
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