M Trascendental

La practica de MT mejora tu salud fisica y mental.

TM Advanced Techniques – Marbella – Sat/Sunday 1-2 May

The Advanced Techniques will take place in Marbella´s Guadalpin Suites 2nd and 3rd May 

You receive your AT on Saturday 4pm and the follow up checking session is on Sunday 10am. The vedic experts from India will administer the Advanced Technique Course.

Advanced Techniques of the Transcendental Meditation program enhance and enrich the benefits of one’s daily practice of the TM® technique. Through the regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, the mind becomes familiar with the experience of «pure consciousness»—the simplest, least excited state of consciousness.


Through the Advanced Techniques, we enhance our ability to experience finer levels of thought to develop finer perception while becoming more and more familiar with the experience of our own silent Self. As our conscious mind thereby becomes more infused with this pure field of consciousness and our perception becomes more enriched, our thoughts and actions spontaneously become more powerful and effective, resulting in greater fulfillment of desires in daily life.

Four Advanced Techniques are offered in a sequence developed by Maharishi. The first Advanced Technique is a technique to accelerate growth to higher states of consciousness specifically by taking advantage of our time of sleep to support the growth of enlightenment. Meditators can apply to learn this first Advanced Technique after four months of regular TM practice and can then continue with the sequence of Advanced Techniques after every additional two months of regular practice.


Monthly income over 1200€ – 450 €
Monthly income under 1200€ – 300€
Families 25% off

This is a wonderful opportunity for us! Looking forward to it.

Best wishes,

Cristina Ballesteros Lda. MSc. Dipl.
Profesora Titulada de Meditación Trascendental

Fundación País Global Maharishi para la Paz Mundial
M: 622903600 E: Cristina@meditaciontrascendental.es
W: http://www.tmhome.com http://www.meditaciontrascendental.es

«These beautiful programs are the golden key to living the full potential of life in higher states of consciousness, Enlightenment, bringing perfect health, happiness, and the fulfillment of desires.» —Maharishi

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