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TOTAL KNOWLEDGE COURSE 13 to 20th August 2017 Madrid

Total Knowledge Course – Part 1 with Raja Peter Warburton 13 – 20th August 2017

Seven day course including long rounding

Raja Peter, Raja of Invincible Great Britain, presents a unique and comprehensive vision of Total Knowledge, taking our awareness from infinity to a point and back again. This course was developed under Maharishi’s direct guidance in his last four years and is currently only offered by Raja Peter.

A seven day course, including both understanding and experience – long rounding plus powerful knowledge sessions.

Course fee: 125,- Euro

Housing full board: 65,- Euro Single Room  75,- Euro Double Room

To make your reservation please email: cristina@meditaciontrascendental.es

◆ Makes advanced aspects of knowledge from Maharishi accessible

◆ Presents an integrated framework of the Unmanifest and all its manifestations

◆ Provides a unique understanding and experience of wholeness, Totality, Brahm

◆ Reveals engaging stories about Maharishi relating to the knowledge

◆ Includes rounding for profound TM, deep rest, and bliss

◆ Includes rare tapes of Maharishi

Course Participant Testimonials:

‘A great course – unmissable! It nourishes both the intellect and experiences in meditation.’ — Dr Ian Birnbaum

‘Both content and the conveying of it were superb. One can only feel great gratitude for the opportunity to attend a course on Maharishi’s Total Knowledge. The experience is consolidating for one’s existence as a whole – inner and outer.’ — Lawrence Sheaf

‘A well-presented lively course, full of kindness, good humour, supreme knowledge and great insights unavailable elsewhere.’ — Jeremy Bowler

‘This course was like the old days of being all together on courses with Maharishi.’ — Nan White

‘I loved every moment of the course, especially Raja Peter’s stories and reflections, each of which illuminated a profound knowledge principle.’ — Patricia Saunders

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