M Trascendental

La practica de MT mejora tu salud fisica y mental.

Do less and accomplish more? Just learn to transcend …

Do less and accomplish more?

Just Learn to transcend …

Barcelona 10, 11, 12 and 13 April (English speakers)

TM center: Rambla de Guipúscoa nº92, Esc. Dcha. 2º-1ª, Barcelona,(8020)

For many years, scientists and psychologists believed that IQ (intelligence quotient) was a fixed element and mainly determined by genetics. It was also believed the brain, which changes a lot during the formative years of childhood, did not change in adulthood. In addition, there was widely held view that the IQ we have in our late teens is the IQ that we are stuck with for the rest of our lives. However, that view has been increasingly challenged in recent years.

Meditación, Coherencia, Inteligencia

Scientific research on TM certainly does not support that old perspective. Research shows TM’s remarkable effects on the brain. IQ turns out to be closely correlated to how efficiently our brain is able to function as one whole, which can be measured through EEG coherence. While it may have been thought that there was no effective method to increase overall EEG coherence, research shows that this is exactly the effect that Transcending has                                                                                     on the brain. The result: IQ can increase,                                                                                       even in adults.

Learn more in this online intro talk about TM 

Video MT John Hagelin







You are invited to attend this Free introductory talk by a certified TM teacher (45–55 minutes) on

Monday 21st March at 6.30pm 

Skype id: meditaconciencia  Sign up HERE    skype

What you’ll learn:
Why TM is so effective for stress and anxiety
How TM naturally promotes wellness
What happens during TM
Why anyone can practice TM
Why TM works from the start
This course will run from Sunday to Wednesday over 4 consecutive days:
Day 1 Sunday
Personal interview with a certified TM teacher and Personal instruction (1–2 hours)
Instruction in the TM technique with a certified TM teacher
Note: TM course fee is required at this step
Monday–Wednesday: Checking sessions (60–120 minutes per day)
Verifying correctness of the practice and further instruction
Day 2 ;Monday
First Seminar on the «Correct practice of TM» @ 19.00 (2h)
Day 3 Tuesday
Second Seminar on the «Effects of TM in mind and body» @ 19.00 (2h)
Day 4 Wednesday
Third Seminar on the «Role of TM in Developing Higher States of Consciousness» @ 10.00 (2h)
Free lifetime follow-up and support
Your TM course includes a suite of programs to enrich your understanding and experience and ensure that you are gaining maximum from your practice. Over the first few months, conveniently scheduled appointments will be set up with your TM teacher to verify that your meditation practice is optimal and to answer any questions that may arise.
Personal one-on-one “tune-ups” of your TM practice, TM refresher courses, and access to a certified TM instructor to answer questions, or discuss your practice.
Exclusive access to resources that provide deeper knowledge to enhance the experience gained from your TM practice. These include advanced lectures, special events and speakers, group meditations and celebrations, as well as subscriptions to an online TM magazine.


If you wish to join the course please book your seat now. Places are very limited.
With my very best wishes,

Cristina Ballesteros Dipl. Lda. MSc.
Certified Teacher of Transcendental Meditation
 622903600  meditaconciencia
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