M Trascendental

La practica de MT mejora tu salud fisica y mental.

Meditation, Yoga, Bliss. Revitalize your body and mind: India 10-24th October

Meditation, Yoga and Bliss.
Revitalize your body and mind in the cradle of knowledge

Meditation Retreat in India 10 al 24 October 2015

Come and enjoy the sublime atmosphere of Brahmasthan, the focus of India, described by Maharishi as the holiest places of India. In a natural setting of maximum beauty and purity which have a permanent campus of over 2,000 meditators and Vedic experts. Our visit coincides with Divine Mother nine days to enjoy all the silence and dynamism of the prepared celebrations:Longer, clear and profound meditations.


Yoga asanas and other breathing exercises.
Walking in the natural exuberance of India.
Live daily recitations of Vedic Pandits Maharishi.
Offerings Atirudrabhishek weekly live
Unpublished videos Maharishi lessons specially chosen for their depth in the reflections of Maharishi over the past 40 years.
A comfortable daily routine designed to enjoy maximum relaxation and rejuvenation.
Delicious, healthy and tasty vegetarian meals.
Our experienced staff will guide you towards knowledge and ensure your comfort.
All rooms have private bathrooms and free high-speed Internet access.

To complement our adventure will enjoy a visit to the Taj Mahal and the temples of Delhi.

Are you ready to enjoy this unique experience? Find out more in our briefing session in Skype on Saturday March 7 at 10am. You need to add this Skype id: meditaconciencia to your contacts to connect via Skype.

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A group of 15 meditators MT of Spain and Portugal left for India in October 2013 to enjoy a unique experience doing a wonderful course of two weeks at the premises of Maharishi Vedic University in Bramasthan near Jabalpur. There we met with our family in the world.  Meditators from Australia, USA, Russia, Malaysia and many more. Want to see for yourself same you? Enjoy this video time we created to remind us that heaven also exists on earth.
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