M Trascendental

La practica de MT mejora tu salud fisica y mental.

“Success Without Stress” Alicante 14, 15, 16 and 17th of June 2015

TM is the most effective technique

Meditation is becoming more and more popular to manage stress but the true experience of transcending has a far more profound effect than just relaxation. Unfortunately, the knowledge of how to easily transcend had been lost to the world until recently.

The ancient texts from the oldest tradition of knowledge in the world describe transcending as a supreme human experience, essential for our full human development. Today, we can confirm this, through modern science, by measuring what happens in the body and particularly the brain during the practice of Transcendental Meditation.

Role models for living a happy life without stress

Through his work with as the Director for the David Lynch Foundation, Bob Roth teaches Transcendental Meditation to people from all backgrounds – from veterans with post-traumatic stress syndrome to at-risk students to single mothers to CEOs to celebrities – to help them live healthy and happy lives.

On “Success without Stress”, Roth interviewed some of the most creative and successful people in the world about their experience with the TM practice, the role the technique played in their lives and careers.  View video now HERE

NEXT TM COURSE: Alicante – Sunday 14th June until Wednesday 17th June

PLANTÍO GOLF RESORT Antigua Carretera Alicante-Elche, km 3, Alicante

Join us for a FREE INTRO TALK every Wednesday at 18.30 to find out more. Booking is essential.
Where: Skype video conference id: meditaconciencia
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Bob Roth Interviews Jerry Seinfeld on “Success Without Stress” 
In this in-depth interview from David Lynch Foundation 


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