M Trascendental

La practica de MT mejora tu salud fisica y mental.

TM Intro chat en Marbella Villa Padierna Palace, Marbella Saturday 22 November at noon

Like “an apple a day“, the practice of Transcendental Meditation keeps the doctor away. Here are some of the paths to better health described by TM fans from different walks of life.

I felt healthier and more comfortable in my body. The whole
world looked better.“ 

David Lynch, film director, producer, and artist 

“Transcendental Meditation changed my whole lifestyle, in a year.
And one big change was four months ago when I realized
that I had to quit smoking.“
Raquel Zimmermann, model

Sky Ferrera, Mike Love, Oprah, and many more read on here

Recent articles in prominent magazines have made it clear that Transcendental Meditation is equally applicable to everyone, in today’s world. If you have not attended an Introductory Talk as yet, why not booking one with your local teacher here or attend this free introductory conference in Marbella (Málaga) Saturday 22nd November at noon hosted by the luxurious hotel Villa Padierna Palace

Register free here


Happiness is a choice, don´t settle for anything else.Best wishes

Cristina Ballesteros MSc.
Certified TM Teacher
Maharishi Foundation Spain
M: 622903600  E: cristina@meditaciontrascendental.es
W: www.mtandalucia.es www.meditaciontrascendental.es
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